Life in today’s world can be hectic and stress filled. Things don’t always go as planned and often people find they are struggling to reach some type of balance. Events from the past and present can impact our ability to successfully resolve these issues and people find themselves experiencing emotional hurt, distress or depression. Children can experience these same feelings, but often express themselves through temper tantrums, emotional withdrawal, or troubling behaviors at home and school. When the emotional stress takes over or when families find themselves overwhelmed, it is time to get professional help.

We at SOTS can assist you and your family in learning to focus on making positive productive change that will help overcome the obstacles in your life. It takes courage to seek change, but nothing of value comes without effort. Whatever is happening in your life, we are here to help you and your family.

Southern Oklahoma Treatment Services, provides assistance to families in need.

Our focus is to improve relationships while maintaining continuity in the family when possible.

Services we provide include

Anger Management


Sexual Abuse

Physical Abuse

Adjustment Disorders

Abandonment Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Marriage Counseling


And other Behavioral Problems



Group Counseling

Intervention in the School

24-hour Crisis Intervention

Batterer’s Intervention Program


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